About Sit Right AB


​The company was founded in 1994 and based its operations on the development of a patented product. The automatic chair leveling. The product was named Sit Right, the same as the company. This was done with an upcoming international launch in mind. It is important that the product name can be linked to the function.

In 1995, serial production of the automatic chair leveler began. The business was located in Falun.
In 1997, production moved to Sigtuna, to move to Nås in Dalarna in 2000. The premises in Nås contain a lot of forest machine history as Stora has previously used these premises for its machine workshop for maintenance and service of its forest machines in Västerdalarna.

Establishing a new product on the market has proven to be a long and winding road. When you start marketing a new product, you get nothing for free. It is not possible to refer back to previous products and no one can request a product that is not known. So in this case we had to start by establishing a market and that can normally only be done with the end customer ie. the user/user.

We therefore started traveling to users of forest machines and contractors in Sweden to demonstrate and convince of the product's excellence.
After many thousands of miles with our demo bus, the market eventually grew. The manufacturers started to open their eyes to the product because contractors started asking for Sit Right when buying new machines.
We, too, have of course in the past years actively influenced the machine manufacturers in the Nordics and outside Europe.

This long-term work has led to our product being factory assembled by the majority of forest machine manufacturers. Among our references are big names such as John Deere, Komatsu, Ponsse, Rottne, Gremo, Logset, Tigercat, Silvatec and others.
Over the years, additional products have been added, as complements to the "chair tilt" or as separate products.

The development work of the existing products is ongoing and of course there are also ongoing new developments that will lead to new products in the future.


​To provide customers with world-class grapples and accessories that would facilitate our customers' daily work.


​To become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of grapples and accessories on the market.


Our goal is to constantly improve quality and give the best to the customers, follow current trends. Every employee in the company is responsible for quality performance of their work in order to achieve the company's goals and increased customer satisfaction. We are united by high quality: responsibility for everything we do.